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About Us

Your child is unique



We believe that each child is a unique individual and all children have an incredible capacity to grow when we focus on their special strengths. The Montessori environment begins with the premise that young people’s natural curiosity is the driving force behind learning and this force motivates their activity. Through this innate curiosity, repetition, and then mastering the lesson through teaching other students what they have learned, the lessons are cemented and the children become ready to progress to the next level.

At il nido Montessori preschool we truly consider it a high privilege and an honor to be a part of your child’s learning and development. With happy, healthy, self-confident children we feel we are doing our part to make the world a better place for them and their children.

¿Why il nido Montessori?

Our primary method of education is the Montessori Curriculum, is carefully designed to assist the child at each important phase of physical development, brain development as well as social/personality development. This is a scientific method created over many years of research and application. Montessori children develop self esteem, empathy and a vigorous academic curiosity which provides them with the most important base from which to master skills and foster strong relationships as they progress through their educational life.


Our mission will inspire the cognitive, emotional and physical development of each child in a secure and joyful environment that encourages them to engage the world through exploration, collaboration and creativity.


¿How we implement our Mission?

  • We help children discover positive self-awareness and strengthen their connections with others in their environment, giving them the ability to realize their fullest potential.

  • We offer a safe and supportive environment that nurtures children’s unique gifts and naturally guides them to become attentive, curious, and self-directed, in order to discover the actual richness of the world that surrounds them.

  • We provide guidance and education to our community of parents so they can more effectively support and guide their children’s development.

  • We foster a love of learning with order, concentration, coordination and independence.

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