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 Accepting Applications for

This Year (2022) and Next Year (2023)



1 - Meet il nido montessori:

You can learn how our preschool works through:


Visit our location.

2 - Briefing:

We invite you to a talk with our team of professionals who will present our educational model
For il nido Montessori it is very important to know and listen to our applicants or future children.
We understand the importance when selecting an institution for your child, so we appreciate your wonderful time to get to know what will be your child's second home.

3 -Tuition:


You have just arrived at a magical environment where, by delivering high-quality learning, we begin the training of happy leaders with a values ​​project based on an environment of multicultural coexistence. Acquire your form during the visit and register. Fill out the formats and send them to the office.
Wait for the registration confirmation by mail. The date and time for the delivery of the attached documents will appear there.

4 - Student Entry:

Once the information has been delivered to the office, the Enrollment Certificate is signed and the level and course are assigned.

¡You already belong to il nido Montessori!

For more information call

(786) 703.3095


  • School Calendar 2022-2023​

  • Enrollment Packet Complete​

  • Parent Handbook 2022-2023

  • Supplies List All Programs 2022-2023

  • Prices 2022-2023

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